Ravenswood City School District

San Mateo County

Costano_mapCostaño School & the San Francisco 49ers Academy’s goal is to offer well-rounded educational programs designed to enhance a child’s character, motivation, and self-discipline and ensure students master standards for all subjects. Located in East Palo Alto, Costaño School & the San Francisco 49ers Academy’s interest in the arts as a tool for school improvement first began in 2010, when it was awarded a School Improvement Grant by the federal government. This grant gave the school the opportunity to hire two full-time visual and performing arts teachers, who worked with students in every grade level. In 2013, Dr. Gloria Hernandez-Goff was named superintendent of Ravenswood City School District and set a vision to expand arts instruction to all students. Since then, the District has increased the number of art teachers serving its students to 12, brought in artists to collaborate with schools, and staged an annual district-wide visual and performing arts show highlighting the positive impact that the arts have made for students and their community. The District’s visual arts curriculum helps students develop and build their art skills from year to year, while the performing arts curriculum incorporates Orff instruments, singing, dancing, and poetic readings. As part of the Turnaround Arts: California Regional Coach Program, the school receives ongoing, in-person coaching in arts integration strategies and strategic arts planning from Liz Harvey. With the mentorship of Turnaround Artist David Hockney, Costaño School & the San Francisco 49ers Academy is one of six Turnaround Arts: California partner schools to join the Turnaround Arts program in the 2016/17 academic year.