The arts are a proven method of relieving stress and anxiety and building confidence and self-knowledge. We’ve compiled this list of articles, activities, and interactive workshops designed to encourage resilience through the arts for all Turnaround Arts: California educators, students, and families.

Arts-Based Resources: Supporting Healing and Connection in the Midst of Trauma – In a community responding to trauma, art can be used as a nonverbal pathway to reduce stress and anxiety, acknowledge and manage emotions, and build connections when verbal means of communication are more hampered by the trauma response. Turnaround Arts California has gathered our favorite resources to consider using in the classroom or at home.

Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning Outcomes (Research) – This report documents how arts education provides opportunities for SEL, primarily by fostering positive relationships which often stand in contrast to those formed within regular academic instruction. They find that the “how” is as important as the “what” in the arts studio or regular classroom: Providing opportunities for students to engage in cycles of practice, production and reflection are essential to helping students process challenges and disappointments in the creative process without alienation or shame. SEL impact of the arts can be positive or negative, and educators must be intentional to create positive SEL.

 A Window Between World’s “Window of Time” Workshops – A series of self-led art workshops as a way to explore your experiences, feelings, and needs. – How might we equip families to support children’s growth mindset at home? Check out these free SEL printables in English & Spanish, that may be shared directly or adapted for use with families. Scroll down to the end of the page for more creative ideas such as creating a Strengths Chain or an Accomplishments Box. 

Emotional Intelligence through the Arts Curriculum – KID smART’s free curriculum offers lesson plans for K-4 and 5-8th grades that use simple, standards-based art experiences to build emotional literacy and self-knowledge.